Reserve Coppo, high-altitude grape varieties to respond to climate change - Coppo

Mineral complexity and structure designed to defy time. Riserva Coppo is the most important among the sparkling wines produced by the winery.

In recent years, Coppo has chosen to focus on higher-altitude vineyards.

In order to obtain a fresher base wine, considering the progressive increase in temperatures and a precise intent of the winery, 80% of the grapes come from vineyards at higher altitudes, ranging from 270 to 450 meters above sea level, in the Asti Langa, from Cassinasco upwards, in the Bormida Valley.

Regarding its character, among the winery’s sparkling wines, all classic method, Riserva Coppo stands out and seeks enthusiasts of personality, elegance, character, and structure. Structure and elegance are also accompanied by higher acidity.

With 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay grapes, the healthiest and ripest bunches are selected for Riserva Coppo in the vineyard, harvested by hand in 20 kg crates.

The pressing is gentle, fermentation in barriques. It is a wine that waits long. It needs 9 months in barriques on the lees before the traditional sparkling process and then another 60 months of bottle aging.

In the glass, the color is golden straw yellow with greenish reflections, the perlage is very fine. On the nose, there are hints of bread crust and yeast, while on the palate, the wine is dry and elegant.

With limited production, Riserva Coppo Metodo Classico accompanies the entire meal, from appetizers to first courses with white sauces or light ragù, and even to second courses of fish and grilled or griddled meats.