Filosofia produttiva - Coppo, Canelli


Coppo wines have always interpreted the winemaking tradition of Piedmont and they tell a story of hard work in pursuit of a single goal: excellence.
Every process is scrupulously and passionately overseen by agronomists, oenologists and specialised cellarmen to guarantee the utmost respect for the grape variety and the environment, developing and elevating the personality and characteristics expressed by each fruit to the highest possible level.

The winery’s style favours finesse over potency, in the belief that each wine, be it a Reserve or a younger wine, must display its distinctive personality and character while retaining great appeal.

Respecting the great tradition of Piedmontese wines does not, however, mean relinquishing innovation. An ongoing focus on the future has brought Coppo through over 130 years of history, always ahead of market trends, without ever losing its identity.

Filosofia produttiva - Coppo, Canelli


Making wine depends first and foremost on a knowledge of the vineyard, the soil and the climate.
Climate and weather conditions have a significant impact on the vegetative development of the vine, the ripening of the grapes and their quality. The winemaker’s skill lies in the ability to adapt operations to climate change, relying on the know-how accumulated through experience to best steer the course that will allow the fruit to express itself fully in the glass.

We believe in resilient agriculture and take many steps in the vineyards to interpret the variability of the vintages and accompany the bunches towards an optimal harvest, fundamental for quality wines that will refine in our cellars. With the changing climate and the alternation of situations that are often extreme, it becomes essential to avoid adhering rigidly to protocol and rely instead on observation and experience, adapting agricultural practices to suit natural cycles: each vintage has its own story to tell.